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Race through the most important cities in France

Elena Santos

Articles French Street Racing
  • You can customize your car
  • Several gaming modes, including multiplayer
  • Bad graphics
  • Physics are not realistic
  • Dull, non intuitive menus

Once again you are challenged by the best of the best. This time you need to race throughout France to ensure your chance on the title. The showroom is filled with cars to meet your demands.

Five hometown streetrace champions are looking for a new challenge, and founded the official "French Streetracing Competition". The #1 street racers from Nice, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse and Lyon came together and set dates to race against each other in the hometown of each contender. Winner of all 5 cities becomes the official "French greatest streetracer of the year”.

Being the sixth contender, are you ready to challenge these five experienced street racers? Can you defeat them in their own territory? The odds are against you, but perhaps you've got a chance..

  • 50 races to win!
  • Unlock all 15 cars (including police vehicles)!
  • Ghostraces, beat yourself to set the best times ever!
  • Multiplayersupport, use if you think you are ready to beat other players!
  • Matrox TripleHead2Go support

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