French Street Racing

French Street Racing

Race through the most important cities in France


  • You can customize your car
  • Several gaming modes, including multiplayer


  • Bad graphics
  • Physics are not realistic
  • Dull, non intuitive menus

Not bad

Racing through the streets of a big city like Paris or London is completely illegal. This is probably why street racing games are so popular these days.

French Street Racing is one of those games, which is set – as you can guess by its name – in the most important cities of France. You're given the opportunity to race those streets with your shiny sports car, competing against other drivers to reach the finishing line in the first position.

Exciting as it sounds the game fell quite short of expectations when I tried it. To begin with, menus are dull and difficult to use. Then, graphics are just fine, but they get blurred and confusing while playing the game. Last, but not least, the game's physics is far from being realistic.

French Street Racing features interesting elements, such as the possibility to customize your car and support for online multiplayer games. It’s a pity though that the whole gaming experience is ruined by the graphic quality and gameplay.

French Street Racing seems a very promising driving game that lets you race along the streets of important French cities. Too bad it still needs lots of development in graphics, gameplay and physics.

Once again you are challenged by the best of the best. This time you need to race throughout France to ensure your chance on the title. The showroom is filled with cars to meet your demands.

Five hometown streetrace champions are looking for a new challenge, and founded the official "French Streetracing Competition". The #1 street racers from Nice, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse and Lyon came together and set dates to race against each other in the hometown of each contender. Winner of all 5 cities becomes the official "French greatest streetracer of the year”.

Being the sixth contender, are you ready to challenge these five experienced street racers? Can you defeat them in their own territory? The odds are against you, but perhaps you've got a chance..

  • 50 races to win!
  • Unlock all 15 cars (including police vehicles)!
  • Ghostraces, beat yourself to set the best times ever!
  • Multiplayersupport, use if you think you are ready to beat other players!
  • Matrox TripleHead2Go support

French Street Racing


French Street Racing

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